Is Veg Biryani even a thing?

Today’s topic is one of the most heated arguments that has been going on for centuries and will continue to go on until Non-vegetarian lovers accept it. So to prove my point today I guess I’ll have to dumb it down to their level and explain them. In case you still don’t want to change sides and support me then trust me you’ll regret being on the other side.

NO, Pulao and Veg Biryani aren’t the same. They both are very different dishes and are supposed to be eaten with different servings. So the next time before you tell anyone that both are the same stuff read the following points carefully and with eyes and brain wide open.

The most basic difference is that while making pulao all the sautéed vegetables and rice are supposed to be prepared together in one common vessel and if you have even the slightest idea about making biryani then you might know that the spices and vegetables are cooked separately from the rice in two different vessels. The rice is semi-cooked and then layered with the spices in a different vessel and left covered on a low flame to get the ‘dum’. Because of the layering, you get some spoons loaded with spices and some with plain white rice.

The second most important point is the spice level. Pulao is supposed to be a dish of very few spices and vegetables. Whereas when we come to the making of biryani, it is supposed to have a significantly higher amount of spices and aromatics which is infused very gently and patience and love.

The next point is about the preparation time and presentation. Pulao is so simple to cook and it is so down to earth that it doesn’t even need anything other than just serving it out on a plate and at max garnishing it with some chopped coriander if you want to go all fancy. When we come to the making of biriyani it actually requires to be watched closely and one needs to have patience while cooking it. It is then layered accordingly and then garnished with some fried onions, dry fruits (I would not recommend that), and some freshly chopped coriander. Cooking biriyani perfectly is absolutely an art.

Lastly, when it comes to serving I’d suggest that pulao can be eaten with kadi or curd or anything of your choice just to make the rice easy to chew and swallow but never ever put ketchup on pulao. I’ve seen people do this, and there are special quarters in hell (these are the same chocolate dosa people). While having Biriyani I prefer to have raita just to neutralize the taste while eating because some people can’t handle that many spices and end up troubling their stomach.

So this was my take that yes, veg biriyani is a thing and you better respect it or else I happen to know people ready who might come to your house and beat you up for not agreeing. If not, then from now on Non-Vegetarian Biryani will be called Meat Pulao.

Just a normal person who wants to express his views and opinion in one particular area of his expertise, FOOD.